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--- New Book Exposes Secrets The Big Gurus Don't Want You To Know ---

The Reverse Webinar: The Game-Changing Technique for Coaches and Experts

I'm going to break open and show you behind the scenes...
Everything I've learned from helping launch multiple 2-Comma Club winners.
The book on this page will show you how it's done.

You’ve probably seen the students I’ve crafted offers and copy for.
Like Dominick Carney

Dom is a 2-Comma Club winner.

I helped him with his offer and presentation. (not a webinar)

He launched his funnel it did $67k in the first 30 days.

Dominick went on to scale his business to 7-figures and collect a shiny award from Russell Brunson.

But don’t take it from me.

Dom said:

“Thanks Shawn for helping me with my webinar!
If your procrastinating on your presentation and you want someone to help you build out yours...

Shawn is your guy! 

Thanks Shawn, now lets crank out the next project.”

Then there was Dave

Or "Ecomm" Dave, as he is known.

Dave went from being a struggling bartender, to making $19,000.00 in 30 days using a high-ticket funnel and a Reverse Webinar.

How Would Your Life Change If You Got

 Results Like This?

DISCLAIMER: I have to tell you… results like this are not typical

I’ve been doing this online marketing for over 12 years now. 

The awesome results happened because people like Dom and Dave took action and accepted the risk.

Most people don’t take action and don’t get any results

All business requires effort, has some risk, and requires dedication.

But for those who are determined enough to take action and do what’s needed, I can show you how to change your business using a simple technique that works.

If you've been online for more than a few minutes trying to get clients you've probably tried everything.

❌ Sliding into DM's and feeling icky.

❌ Wasting hours being "helpful" on FB with nothing to show.

❌ Burnt out on the content hamster wheel from Hell.

❌ Starving, as it's feast or famine with organic traffic.

❌ Giving up because you were told a huge webinar is “The Way”

Here's a little-known reason 

why those things aren't working... 

The people you talk to using those methods aren't pre-sold on you.

When a potential client is pre-sold before you get on the phone...

You don't have to worry about them hearing your price and dipping out.

Pre-sold potential clients know your price in advance.

And they are hoping they can pay you thousands to get started right away.

Your Reverse Webinar will immediately inject:

✅ Interest in your Offer

✅ Trust in your Authority

✅ A big, fat Promise

✅ The juicy benefits of your System

✅ Rock solid proof

The best part?

No More massive webinars,
content creation, chasing clients,
sliding into DM’s
or spamming Facebook groups.

Just a simple 3-Step Process.

Here’s the secret:

Step 1: Create a killer offer.

Step 2: Use a Reverse Webinar (not a long-a$$ webinar!)

Step 3: Have a conversation with a pre-sold potential client.

Watch your closing rate go up... almost overnight!

That’s why I’m so excited to be sharing this with you today!

How To use A Reverse Webinar To Pre-sell Potential Clients Before You Even Talk To Them On The Phone 

The book for sale on this page is called the “High Ticket Funnel Secrets" because that’s what’s inside.

A formula for using a Reverse Webinar and a simple funnel to scale to a 7-figure per-year coaching business. 

Crazy simple, right?

You can buy it if you want.

It’s only $4.99

If you get a lot of value from it, maybe you’ll become a client of mine.

Then I can help you create a Reverse Webinar and a high-ticket funnel like I’ve done for clients.

Or not.

Either way, I’ve held nothing back and loaded this book with everything you need to start filling your calendar with only, pre-sold potential clients.

Here’s What’s Inside High Ticket Funnel Secrets:

Revealed: A look inside the insanely simple client acquisition funnel that generates over a MILLION dollars per year.  pg. 11

Here’s how professional online coaches reverse engineer the income level they desire!  And the action steps to make it a reality. pg. 17

The #1 reason why you aren't getting potential clients begging to pay for your expertise. pg. 24

Why more people are buying online than ever.  How to position yourself for the biggest online spending spree. pg. 26

The real secret to online presentations almost everyone gets wrong. This new idea will certainly get you to ditch long-form webinars due to the changing habits of today's buyers. pg. 31

The reason why people aren't showing up to your live webinars.  pg. 33

No more guesswork!  You’ll get instant access to my top-secret attention-keeping formula that will make sure people watch every second of your Reverse Webinar on page 34

Here’s a sneaky little trick you can use to pre-qualify potential clients - for free! pg. 44

Here’s the quick and easy way to avoid sticker shock from prospective clients - it works so well you’ll swear it must be magic! pg. 47

You’ll discover a legal way to make potential clients "try out" to work with you - This method flips the script and makes potential clients chase you. pg. 41 

3 reasons why you never want to talk to an unqualified prospect.  pg. 42

See page 44 to discover the startling #1 rule of high ticket coaching.  And why it's so crucial to your financial security.

You’ll find out how to avoid any kind of awkwardness on a call with a potential client - And how to never feel like a used car salesman when talking to your ideal prospect.  pg. 48

You’ll discover a little-known trick to get the MOST powerful information from a potential client - even if you’ve never screened potential clients before. pg. 46

See page 47 to find out what the one thing you MUST do before you even think about pitching your offer to someone.  This is the secret to setting your prices in advance.

You’ll find out how to quickly recognize and avoid time-wasters, tire kickers, and freebie seekers.  pg. 44

Here’s a dead-simple way to sell a low-ticket version of your service - it’s so easy a child could do it. pg. 48

A shocking loophole you can easily exploit to know exactly what to pitch to a prospective client. pg. 49

You don't need a complex 25-step funnel and 10 different online apps to be a successful online coach.  You’re going to be SHOCKED by the funnel secrets you find on page 55

In just 10 minutes from now... you could be testing and validating your high ticket offer before you spend any time or money funnel building - pg. 56

Want the secret to let potential clients know that you are picky?  This move shows that you are particular about who you can help. pg. 60

Prepare to be SHOCKED! You’ll discover the 5 elements that every successful client-getting presentation must have. pg. 61

The secret format for your calls.  How to talk with potential clients and remove any kind of pressure or awkwardness. pg. 62

You’ll learn the amazing 3-step system to transform your presentation page.  Go from just another sales video to a client-generating machine built for maximum engagementpg. 71

The TRUTH about why it’s NOT your fault if you aren’t filling your calendar.  How to bring in clients consistently – and what you can do to make potential clients chase you. pg. 60

How to follow up with potential clients with the 3 x 3 Prospect Nurture Grid.  Here’s a lightning-fast, simple way to follow up with potential clients – it’s as easy as painting-by-the-numbers!  pg. 67

You’ll discover a deceptively simple way to instantly get potential clients even more invested and excited to talk to you.  pg. 76

The single most important move to alter people’s perception of your presentations.  This ninja technique immediately puts people at ease instead of feeling pitched or sold to.  pg. 72

Don’t give out your calendar link.  Why almost everything you’ve heard about booking calls with potential clients is DEAD WRONG! pg. 73

A simple fact about gaining trusted status with your potential clients in as little as 21 days!  pg. 67

The best form of proof you can provide - hint: it’s not talking about you or your stats. pg. 82

The surest way to drop the "big promise" of your coaching system.  pg. 94

The easiest way to instantly tap into your potential clients' desire to avoid mistakes.  This technique subconsciously forces your prospect to pay attention to your solution.  pg. 85

The correct way to outline your system.   Use this strategy to show off the benefits and make your offer even more compelling.  pg. 95

How to smash any objections and limiting beliefs holding back your ideal prospect.  pg. 96

The #1 way you can get in trouble with the FTC when it comes to your offer.  What you MUST do when presenting your offer to protect yourself.  pg. 100

A simple tip to instantly show you are the expert.  This is how you demonstrate your authority in 30 seconds.  pg. 89

The single most powerful way to speak to your prospect's inner voice.  Show you understand and can solve the deeper challenges someone currently faces.  pg. 93

This book also includes some self-assessment exercises to help you get started with the High Ticket Funnel Secrets book!

This Method Works Even If You Don’t Have a

Huge Brand or Thousands of Followers

You might be thinking that you’ll need 100,000 Instagram followers to pull this off.

But actually… inside the book (on page 56) I show you how to test your offer with zero work involved.

It’s the same technique John used to launch to a small group of less than 400 people.

As a result, John made $21,000.00 in profit in just 7 days!

Act Now
And Get These 5 Bonuses For Free!

Bonus #1: 3 x High Ticket Coaching

Funnel Breakdowns

Here's how successful online coaches are using High Ticket Funnels to attract clients.

Inside the book, you'll discover how to setup a perfect high ticket funnel.

But would you also like to see how other coaches are bringing in high ticket clients?

I break down 3 x different High Ticket Funnels and show you all the tactics involved so you can swipe and deploy the top methods being used today.

Get These Funnel Breakdowns NO COST When You
Order a Digital Copy of High Ticket Funnel Secrets.

Bonus #2: Cold To Gold

How I Landed a $100,000 deal

With a Cold Email Campaign

You'll see how to setup the same kind of cold outreach campaign from start to finish.

The secret technique to get attention. It's impossible to ignore when you do it this way.

Model and use the tactics that lead to a $100,000 deal from a 2-line email.

Swipes and template included with the videos in this bonus

Stay ahead of the competition with our AI marketing training for coaches NO COST With Today's Order

Bonus #3: The Ultimate Checklist

Inside the book, you'll discover all the funnel pages inside a High Ticket Funnel.  

But you might be wondering...

What are all the steps needed to launch your coaching funnel? 

Hint: There are many steps. 

This "checklist on steroids" covers each step in extreme detail.

 Share this "no-fail" checklist with your team and get every single step taken care of so you can launch with zero stress or worry.

Get This Funnel Launch Guide And Launch Your Funnel
Without The Usual Mistakes... INCLUDED FOR FREE

Bonus #4: The Mini Sales Call Script

Here’s my template for the perfect 3-question sales call. 

It immediately skips over any awkwardness and gets down to business.

You'll instantly know if someone is mentally and emotionally qualified... AND has the pre-buy knowledge required to invest in your coaching.

This is not available anywhere else. 

After you watch this training... you’ll know exactly what to say at the start of every call.

Use This "Backwards" Sales Call System To Only Deal With People Ready To Invest In You... NO COST With Today’s Order

Bonus #5: The Offer Intensive
Success Formula

Discover all the elements of a successful offer. 

Watch over my shoulder as I walk you through a high ticket offer-building session. 

Here’s how elite coaches craft 7-figure offers and you get a front row seat.

There are 10 main points which MUST be configured correctly for your offer to sell for $3k, $5k or $10k.

Inside this 30 min workshop you'll discover how to answer every question and objection in your prospects mind BEFORE they happen.

The Workshop To Craft High Ticket Offers (The Kind That
Sell for a Minimum of $3k)... INCLUDED FOR FREE

Reader Reviews

I loved Shawn's book! 

It's packed with time-saving strategies that took me many, many months to learn on my own. 

Honestly, I wish I could have given me this book when I started out. 

Instead of building a list of freebie-seekers and time wasters, I could have focused on the people who truly wanted and needed my help. 

Save yourself some time and use these filtering strategies so that you can find the perfect potential clients faster.

-Robin Diebel 
Founder of C4 Network 💥 Course Creators, Coaches, & Consultants

Here's My Guarantee:

I'm going to take on all the risk.

That means you can try the OFFER and the bonuses for 1 full year.

If, for some reason, you don’t find them useful I’ll refund you the EVERY PENNY.

Just send me an email and we’ll refund you within 48 hours.

No questions asked!

Keep the book and we can remain friends.

Get Your Copy Of
High Ticket Funnel Secrets Now
(Plus Bonuses)

See you on the inside,

Shawn "The High Ticket Funnel Whisperer" Bayley

P.S. Here's a quick recap of this page for those who hate reading:

1. I learned the insider secrets of High Ticket Funnels from a millionaire guru.

2. It was the best client getting method I’d ever seen after being in the business for 10+ years.  The “secret sauce” is to use a Reverse Webinar to pre-sell potential clients before you get them on the phone.

3. For just $4.99 you can get your hands on the book I wrote teaching you how this process worked for dozens of clients, including how to setup the funnel and the Reverse Webinar responsible for over $2 million dollars in revenue.

4. And if you grab the book today, I’ll throw in extra 5 bonuses.   One of them is a breakdown of other high ticket funnels so you can see other peoples funnels in action.  The second is a training on how to get clients using A.I. in your marketing. The third is a foolproof funnel checklist so you never miss a step.  The fourth is a sales call script that will make meetings with potential clients go faster and smoother.  The last one is a training showing how I create 7-figure offers for clients.

5. You are completely covered.  Take a full 1 year to try the book and bonuses.  If the impossible happens, and you don’t like the book for any reason, I’ll happily refund you the $4.99 and we can part as friends.

About The author

Shawn Bayley started his online journey selling information products and building funnels way back in 2012.

It wasn't an easy road.  In fact, Shawn almost thought about throwing in the towel at one point.

But after Shawn's wife went through Cancer surgery and showed him what true strength really was, he knew he just needed to focus on business strategies and follow success.

No more chasing shiny objects, just implementing proven techniques to make sales.  The new and focused Shawn went all in, and mastered the art of funnels and copywriting.

Now Shawn helps his clients create funnels and presentations to grow and scale their coaching businesses.  Having clients send messages because they are thrilled with results is what does it for him.

When he's not word-smithing at the forge, Shawn enjoys working out, riding his bike, spending time with loved ones,  and reading books like crazy.

Most of all, Shawn believes in uplifting his family, doing his best to provide a positive role model, and trying to make the word a better place by helping people.  

Shawn puts time and care into his business so that it can provide a lifestyle of freedom and security for himself and his family.

DISCLAIMER: There is no promise or representation that you will make a certain amount of money, or any money, or not lose money, as a result of using our products and services.

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he sales figures stated above are my personal sales figures. Please understand my results are not typical, I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter).

I have the benefit of practicing direct response marketing and advertising for 19 years, and have an established following as a result. The average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results. I’m using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action.

If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET THIS SERVICE.

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